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Announcement: Section 15(b) Suspended in #Elections2020

Dear Cape Community,

Section 15(b) of the SAJBD Regulations states:

“The communal ballot election will be declared invalid if less than 25% of eligible voters participate.”

This provision may be suspended by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission prior to any election on good cause shown by virtue of section 15(e).

After consultation with the other members of the Electoral Commission, I have decided to suspend the 25% poll requirement set out in section 15(b).

There are two principal (and related) reasons for this decision.

First, the intervention of the Covid-19 restrictions and lock down means that it will not be possible to hold the election in the regular manner. This may cause the turn out and percentage poll to be somewhat compromised.

Secondly, this will be the first election with the requirement of a 25% participation threshold.

Whilst it is hoped that a 25% threshold is achieved in the forthcoming (2020) public ballot it is deemed preferable for at least in this (and first to require a 25% poll) election for the public ballot vote to be regarded as valid even if the 25% minimum poll is not reached.


Anton Katz
Chairperson of the Election Commission


Download Section 15(b) Suspension Notice by clicking here

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