Our Latest Updates

New Chairperson Announced

The Cape SAJBD is proud to present Adrienne Jacobson as its new chairperson. Adrienne has worked in the community for many years representing a variety of communal organisations. An EOLI graduate and a past Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Deputies, Adrienne, brings a wealth of experience and will no doubt steer the organisation and the community forward.

Report Antisemitism & Hatred

Call us on 079 994 5573, or click the button to tell us your story.

Should you find yourself discriminated against because of the colour of your skin, your religion, race, ethnic belonging, gender, sexual orientation or identity, we will stand with you. We know your fear and seek to understand your hardship. You are not alone.

Who are we?

The Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies (“Cape SAJBD”) is the representative body of the Western Cape Jewish community.

The objectives of the Cape SAJBD is to safeguard the religious and civil rights and status and welfare of the Western Cape Jewish community; act on behalf of this community in all matters affecting its relationship with Government and other relevant authorities; promote harmonious relationships between the Western Cape Jewish community and the larger South African population; enhance the quality of Jewish life in South Africa; take any lawful action it may deem necessary in all matters affecting this community; and collect and apply funds to carry out its objectives.

The Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies (“Cape SAJBD”) works to ensure the continuity, protection and resilience of a proud Western Cape Jewish community, in an inclusive and just society. It is committed to a South Africa where everyone will enjoy freedom from the evils of prejudice, discrimination and racism, one in which all are equal and share in her bounty.

The Cape SAJBD is the representative spokes body and civil rights lobbyist of the Western Cape Jewry. It robustly challenges all manifestations of antisemitism by engaging with leading figures in the political, media and administrative spheres. It identifies and connects with internal and external alliances to build coalitions that work to further human relations between the Western Cape Jewish community and all other people, based on justice, equality and mutual respect. It aims to protect the civil liberties of the Western Cape Jewish community by securing an environment for our community to express themselves; educating the greater public on the Jewish religion, history and culture; and, lawfully defending our community where necessary.

About Our #NoPlaceForHate Campaign

The message is simple — there can be no space for hatred in South Africa.

We live in a country with constitutional ideals which echo our commitments to shared humanity, dignity, freedom and life. Our ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign fights hatred directed against anyone to combat a culture of racism, antisemitism and prejudice in our country. 

Showing your support for the campaign in either a personal or professional capacity is easy and absolutely free. You can use the campaign logo in your branding to signify that you are actively opposing acts of hatred in South Africa.

These spaces pledged #NoPlaceForHate