The Board

Reflecting the abundant diversity of our community, the Cape SAJBD consists of orthodox, reform and secular members. This volunteer leadership works with the professional team to meet the needs of our community by providing resources and raising support, as needed.


Rael Kaimowitz

Vice Chair

Vivienne Anstey

Vice Chair

Michael Donen


Lester Hoffman

Patsy Fivelman (Chair: UJW Western Cape, ex-officio)

Grant Norrie (SAUJS UCT Chairman)

Stuart Diamond (Executive Director)

Rowan Polovin (Chair: SAZF Western Cape, ex-officio)

Michael Bagraim (Past chair of SAJBD, ex-officio)

Adrienne Jacobson

David King

Glen Heneck

Jonathan Silke

Leaza Cowan

Li Boiskin

Michael Kushner

Simone Sulcas

Tzvi Brivik