The Board

The Cape SAJBD is governed by a board elected by affiliate organisations and members of the Western Cape Jewish community (‘the board’). The board is tasked with managing the affairs of the Cape SAJBD in accordance with resolutions taken at general meetings, so it may fulfil its objectives. 

The board meets, most often, twice a month. This may be conducted face-to-face or electronically, with at least 2 days’ notice of such meeting communicated to all board members via email. All board members are expected to attend these meetings and are each entitled to one vote in matters arising. Board members are thus able to play a key role in the decision making and strategic planning of the Cape SAJBD. 

Board members are also expected to choose and form part of a subcommittee, either Antisemitism & Legal, Advocacy, Country Communities, Generation Next or Interfaith & Intercommunity. At the first meeting of the subcommittee, a new chairperson will be elected.

Tzvi Brivik

Lester Hoffman
David King
Jonathan Silke

Rael Kaimowitz
Past Chairperson (ex officio)





Leora Hessen
Representative: SAZF (ex officio)

Glen Heneck
Vice Chairperson

Daniel Bloch
Executive Director
Dawn Nathan-JonesJustin Asher
Raymond Schkolne

Erin Dodo
Representative: SAUJS (ex officio)

Rowan Polovin

[Not pictured]

Adrienne Jacobson
Vice Chairperson

Viv Anstey

Jacqui Benson-Mabombo
Li Boiskin

Simone SulcasKaren Kallman
Representative: UJW (ex officio)