The Team

Our professional leaders bring a wealth of experiences and expertise to the Cape SAJBD. They take care of the day-to-day operations, activities and events.


Stuart Diamond

Executive Director

A people’s person, Stuart leads with passion and identifies as a proudly South African Jew. He believes that change happens from the bottom-up and spends much of his time on the ground, working to make his community the best it can be. His political background is invaluable.


Gwynne Robins

Senior Consultant

Indispensable and erudite. Gwynne is an expert on the Jews of South Africa and Cape history in general. She is a fountain of knowledge who keeps those around her informed. Her background includes social work, writing, editing and much more. She can point you in the right direction.


Jodi Goldberg

Projects & Operations

Super-efficient and highly resourceful as an executive assistant, Jodi is the glue that binds us and makes things magically happen as they should. Her background includes work as a professional personal assistant, events coordinator and planner.

Mathilde Myburgh

Communications Specialist

Mathilde brings seven years of experience in print and digital media, research and communication to the team, bridging the gaps between relevant content, community reach and growth, and public relations. She takes special interest in minority rights.

Tyla Dallas

Legal Researcher

Tyla is the inhouse resource on all things law, having obtained BCom and LLB degrees. Working closely with our legal sub-commitee, she works to align our policies with current legal developments and ensure our community’s rights are always advocated for.