What We Do

The Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape SAJBD) proactively advocates for and ensures the rights, interests and values of the Cape Jewish community.

We are a forward-thinking Jewish organisation that, through thoughtful, engaged and efficient leadership, seeks to connect our Jewish identity to projects and activities that have a positive impact on local Western Cape communities. We actively advocate for and ensure the rights, interests and values of the Cape Jewish community. We lead our community in engaging with government, media and civic groups to promote respect for fundamental human rights for all South Africans.

We mobilise our Jewish community and others in the pursuit of building a more inclusive society, encouraging networking, volunteering, advocacy and philanthropic opportunities in the work we do. We believe in the power of citizens in a thriving democracy.


The Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies (“Cape SAJBD”) works to ensure the continuity, protection and resilience of a proud Western Cape Jewish community, in an inclusive and just society. It is committed to a South Africa where everyone will enjoy freedom from the evils of prejudice, discrimination and racism, one in which all are equal and share in her bounty.


The Cape SAJBD is the representative spokes body and civil rights lobbyist of the Western Cape Jewry. It robustly challenges all manifestations of antisemitism by engaging with leading figures in the political, media and administrative spheres. It identifies and connects with internal and external alliances to build coalitions that work to further human relations between the Western Cape Jewish community and all other people, based on justice, equality and mutual respect. It aims to protect the civil liberties of the Western Cape Jewish community by securing an environment for our community to express themselves; educating the greater public on the Jewish religion, history and culture; and, lawfully defending our community where necessary.


Our Jewish values inform the work we do and guide the strategy and tactics of all of our programmes and activities, locally and nationally. 
The Cape SAJBD aligns with the following values:

  • Integrity in our every action and interaction;
  • Accountability to our Western Cape Jewish community;
  • Inclusivity of all members in our diverse Western Cape Jewish community; 
  • Our collective responsibility for the continued advancement of the Western Cape Jewish community; and 
  • Justice for all.

Areas of Involvement

Combating Antisemitism

Monitoring antisemitism in the media and within society, and taking appropriate action.


Advancing relationships at all interfaces between our community and the broader society including but not restricted to media, institutions, NGOs, individuals and aligned communities.

Affiliate Support

Communicating and engaging with Affiliate structures to promote the wellbeing of the community and where required, providing guidance on how to fill communal needs gaps and assistance in networking within the community.

Human Rights

Combating antisemitism and other forms of racism and hate speech, to ensure respect for the diversity of our community so that community members can practise their religion or secularity in any way they choose, without being unfairly disadvantaged.

Political Networking

Networking with government and political parties at every level, in order to maintain open lines of communication between government and Western Cape Jewry in order to address issues of concern to the community.

Cultural Life

Enriching and maintaining Jewish life through cultural and educational programmes, including publications and exhibitions and assisting Jews in small towns and country areas.

Information Resource

Being an information resource on our Jewish community and the lives and histories of local and international Jewish populations.

Interfaith & Intergroup

Engaging and building bridges with other faith and cultural communities, towards a more informed and united voice.

Social Justice

Coordinating social change projects on behalf of the wider society, particularly in times of national emergency.


Organising Cape Town’s Yom HaShoah ceremony, and providing an information and support service regarding Holocaust-based claims and litigation for survivors.

International Liaison

Maintaining links with international Jewish communities and organisations, building coalitions to address common issues such as antisemitism and encouraging cultural and intellectual exchanges.

Nation Building

Leading Western Cape Jewry in participating in South African society as involved, patriotic citizens, including representing the community on bodies addressing such issues as crime, voter education, human rights and poverty relief.