You are currently viewing Announcement: Affiliate Delegate Allocations for #Elections2020

Announcement: Affiliate Delegate Allocations for #Elections2020

Dear Community

Below you will find a list of our current Affiliate organisations and the delegate allocation for each. Applications received by organisations seeking affiliation are currently being processed, the outcome of which will be communicated to you by 08 August 2020.

Please note, that in order to be eligible to represent an Affiliate as a Delegate, the person must:
i. be an office bearer, past or present, in the affiliate organisation;
ii. have his or her name on the Communal Register, and
iii. not represent more than one Affiliate at any time.

We encourage Affiliates when choosing their delegates to promote a broad representation of the community by considering the need for equitable gender representation and inclusion of young adults and younger members of the community in communal structures.


Download the Affiliate Delegate Allocations document by clicking here


All affiliate organisations of the Cape SAJBD are entitled to be represented by a minimum of one (1) delegate. The electoral commission (“EC”) determined an application process in which every affiliate would be given a fair and proper opportunity to apply for additional delegates to be assigned. The process required affiliates to apply by no later than Monday 29 June. All affiliates were notified on Monday 18 May that they could so apply and the deadline for the applications. All affiliates were reminded about this application process and the deadline on 1 June and 23 June, and reminders were placed on the Cape SAJBD’s social media channels.

Multiple affiliates applied timeously. Two affiliates, before the deadline, acknowledged the process but did not apply for additional delegates. The EC considered applications received and communicated the outcome of their determination on 3 July.

In considering these applications and making the determinations in terms of section 11(c) of the Cape SAJBD constitution, the EC took into account the constitution as a whole; the electoral regulations; the content of the applications for additional delegates; the history of additional assignments of delegates in previous elections; and, the nature and role of affiliates generally in the context of the Jewish community and the board.

The EC, in particular, considered the criteria set out in section 11(d) of the constitution in determining each application for assignment, and decided that it is inappropriate as a matter of principle to allocate additional delegates to affiliates which are themselves constituted by affiliate organisations (that is, any umbrella organisations) were not assigned additional delegates. The EC also considered that

certain members of the Jewish community may be members, beneficiaries and learners of, and in, multiple affiliates.

What was not taken into account by the EC was the perceived and/or actual political, religious or other views or stances of the affiliates which made an application for additional delegates.

Affiliates who applied for additional delegates and were dissatisfied with the outcome of the EC’s determination had until 10 July to file an objection. Objections were received and considered, the final outcome of which was communicated to all affiliates on 14 July with the circulation of the above list of affiliates and their respective delegate allocations, accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons thereof.

The EC has tried to be as fair and even-handed as possible in making the determinations. Should you be unhappy with the allocation of delegates you received this year, we encourage you to apply for additional delegates in the New Year.

— The Cape SAJBD Electoral Commission

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