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Know Your Rights!

Our Generation Next subcommittee recently rolled out its ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign to Herzlia High School and CT Torah High Grade 11 and 12 students. Whether you are studying, working or taking a gap year next year, it is crucial you know your rights, the harms you may experience and the remedies available to you.

Tyla Dallas, our Marketing and Legal Officer presented our “Know Your Rights on campus” booklet which equips students with the skills to respond effectively and appropriately to the variety of ways in which antisemitism may manifest itself, from insensitive or biased comments to hate-motivated incidents. Although targeted to campus life, its’ ‘Enforcement Process’ and ‘Speak Up Strategies’ can be used to confront incidents that may occur in the workplace or any other public space.

Where you experience antisemitism or anti-Jewish hate speech, prejudice, vandalism or other incidents, the Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies (“Cape SAJBD”) are here to assist you! We can make a difference in your lives, and we want to be able to protect you.” – Tzvi Brivik (Chairperson 2020-2022)

You can learn more about this campaign here. Want Gen Next to present this campaign to your school or tertiary institution? Email us here.

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