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Local Narratives & Histories

Celebrating the power of the Youth

The Cape SAJBD engage, educate and empower young adults to ensure their voices are heard. In commemoration of this Youth Day, we held two initiatives to celebrate the youth and

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The Blanket Project

During September and October, we partnered with Jewish Community Services, on The Blanket Project campaign. The objective of this campaign was to encourage our community to donate blankets to those

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Join us for a Kaleidoscope of Views

JOIN US via ZOOM on Sunday, 31 October at 16h00 for our annual AGM and Conference titled A KALEIDOSCOPE OF VIEWS. It includes a keynote address by renowned political economist, Simon Freemantle, who

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Political parties talk tachlis

On 10 October, the Cape SAJBD and eNCA hosted a debate regarding the upcoming Local Government Elections. Held at the Investec, with catering by Merle Rubin (her devilled eggs have

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Rosh Hashanah 100 years ago

by Gwynne Robins   What do the High Holy Days mean to most of us? The 2019 Kaplan Centre Survey on the Jews in South Africa found that 72% attended

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COVID-19, Conspiracy Theories and Us

By Gwynne Robins   Which of these statements do you believe to be true? • COVID-19 spreads when Israeli soldiers wipe the virus on car door handles (suggested by Palestinian

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camps bay

Camps Bay and Hatikvah

by Gwynne Robins When the British took over the Cape in 1806, it took possession of Dutch properties including the shabby Camps Bay farmhouse bought from Von Kamptz, after whom

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stuart diamond

No Place for Hate

With our elections coming up under the Cape SAJBD’s new democratic constitution, it seems appropriate to take this opportunity to explain the Cape SAJBD’s stance on forms of hatred. At

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Montagu Cemetery in tip-top shape again

On 22 May, a team of gardeners completed another clean-up operation at Montagu Cemetery. This and other cemetery upkeep initiatives are supported by the Cape SAJBD, but we could use

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stuart diamond

Be kind, but be fierce

“Be kind, but be fierce. You are needed more than ever before. Take up the mantle of change. For this is your time.” —Winston Churchill Thursday 12 March feels like

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Personal Reflections on May Day

This special personal narrative was shared with the Cape SAJBD ahead of Workers’ Day 2020, when trade unionists and political activists Leon and Lorna Levy will celebrate 58 years of

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South African Jewish Museum
Outside the South African Jewish Museum.

Discover local Jewish history

Boasting high-tech exhibits, interactive multimedia installations and walk-through historical faithful recreations, the custom-built South African Jewish Museum has a lot to offer those visiting Cape Town. For more information, visit

A short history of Jewish Cape Town

“In one of the world’s most beautiful cities, we find a small but vibrant Jewish community who have made notable contributions in South Africa and abroad.”

Video produced by Jewish Discoveries and published in 2014. 

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