#MakeUsCount 2019

Cape Town, 6 May 2019: When South Africans go the polls this Wednesday to vote in our sixth Democratic election, the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) ‘Make Us Count’ will be one of the election observer team there to ensure that the elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.  

This historic interfaith observer group has grown beyond the Jewish community, and uniquely brings together Muslim, Catholic, Anglican, Agnostic and others in helping safeguard the integrity of the electoral process. 

In addition to its multi-faith nature, the team includes many foreign nationals currently living in South Africa.  According to Alana Baranov, the originator of the ‘Make Us Count’ team, “one of the most special aspects of this team are the refugee observers, many of whom have never witnessed an election and cannot vote in their countries of origin.  They want to be a part our team to give back to South Africa and be a part of a democratic process first hand". 

The team comprises of over 200 observer stationed at polls across the country.  You can follow the #MakeUsCount hashtag on Twitter for updates through the day. The team is officially accredited by the IEC and will be working with election officials on the day.  

The monitoring group forms just one aspect of the SAJBDs’ broader election awareness, education and mobilization campaign held in the lead up to the 2019 general elections.  It further included mobilizing people to register to vote; promoting the registration of South Africans based overseas and hosting a series of high-profile political events across the country and organising two particularly successful election debates in Johannesburg and Cape Town.  It also provided opportunities for the Jewish community to be addressed by representatives of some of the main competing parties.  

For more information on the ‘Make Us Count’ election observer team, please contact Yanir Grindler on 082 080 8189 or yanir@sajbd.org


Issued by Charisse Zeifert, 082 427 2788 / Charisse@beyachad.co.za  

6 May 2019