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We believe in the power of citizens in a thriving democracy. We lead our community in engaging with government, media and civil groups on issues of importance to our city and country.



The Cape Board closely monitors and investigates all acts of antisemitic racism in South Africa. We work with our legal team and the relevant authorities to assist members of our community who have experienced discrimination based on their Jewish faith and/or identity.


We provide information on Western Cape Jewish life and history. 


The Board of Deputies administers bursaries for tertiary and post-graduate studies to Jewish students living in and studying in the Western Cape. In 2017, we awarded over R2.3 million in bursaries to 22 new students, 52 renewals and 15 post-graduate students.

Bursaries are based on financial need. Applicants must complete a form detailing their personal circumstances. Applications are available each year at our offices
from July-September.

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Our travelling Rabbi, Moshe Silberhaft, looks after the affairs of country communities and maintains their cemeteries, including those in towns which no longer have Jewish residents.

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The Cape Board forms relationships with all major media outlets (radio, print and digital) throughout the Western Cape. We leverage the media to rally support for and engagement with community causes; we monitor the media for content of relevance to the Jewish community; and we serve as the public voice to the media on behalf of the Jewish community.

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We assist Holocaust survivors and their heirs in matters of Holocaust-based litigation. We help survivors and their families claim compensation when new funds, updates and changes to existing requirements are announced.
The annual Yom Hashoah V’Hagevurah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) ceremony held at Pinelands cemetery to commemorate the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust is a major event on the Board’s annual calendar.
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Interfaith helps break down the barriers of ignorance that contribute to prejudice and hatred. We engage in ongoing dialogue with religious leadership of all faiths and their communities. Our responsibilities include arranging interfaith functions (like the Freedom Seder and the Sukkat Shalom).

Board members are independently involved in the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative and the Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum.

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We aim to create dialogue, build bridges and strive to be democratic, inclusive and representative of our colourful and diverse community.

The Cape Board has acted as a facilitator of developments, and an incubator for communal bodies. Among other organisations that began with the help and support of the Board are, in alphabetical order,  Afrika Tikkun, Astra, the Communal Register, the CSO,  the Gitlin Library, the Guide to Jewish South Africa, the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish Museum, the Mensch Network and Staff Wise.

We regularly meet with our affiliates to discuss issues of communal concern. We utilise our local Jewish newspaper, the Cape Jewish Chronicle, our website, social media and open forums to ‘speak’ to our community on key issues affecting South Africa. We arrange lectures, discussions, events and conferences exposing the community to a wide range of overseas and local speakers.

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