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A Prayer in Response to COVID-19

by Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz


Master of the Universe,

Our Creator and Liberator of diseases We are afraid and unprepared. We beseech you for guidance and support. Grant victims the strength to persevere. Grant caregivers the courage to heal. Grant researchers and experts the insights to detect, to treat, and to vaccinate. Grant medical providers the abilities to heal all who suffer. Grant officials the courage to speak the truth and not to violate public trust.

May You bless us with the strength to remain calm. Allow us to not use fear and suspicion as paths to xenophobia, selfishness, or isolation. May You grant us empathy for those affected. May you refine our empathy for those who suffer all over the world. May we look past cultural differences and disagreements to strengthen global collaboration to preserve life.

Oh, Giver of Life, grant us serenity in moments of uncertainty, give us the ability to help the vulnerable in the most effective ways possible. May those who are needed be prepared to take on the necessary risks in our pursuit for sustaining lives, helping those around us deal with this new reality.

May we work together to prevent the spread of this virus among our fellow human beings.

May we support those working on a solution for this disease. May we all use this time as an opportunity to realize the fragility of life and strive to make the most of our short time here, to form and (re)establish meaningful relationships, to bolster our fervent commitment to our moral mission.

May it be your will O Lord, our God, Master of the Universe, that we will continue to (physically & spiritually) strive to overcome this new challenge. Like many problems in the past that we thought were impossible, help us overcome this new trial and give us the opportunity to work for the welfare of all humanity, for the sanctity of all life.


Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz is a rabbi, activist and author. Read more

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