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Decision on Cape Synagogues to Follow

As of 1 June, all the synagogues in the Cape will remain closed.

The Cape SAJBD, the body that is steering the communal COVID-19 workstreams, will be meeting with all religious leaders as well as their shul committees to engage over the latest government gazette this week. Taking into consideration the gazette, the Chief Rabbi and all religious and communal leadership, the organisations will then make a call on whether shuls will reopen in coming weeks.

We are so grateful to our rabbis across the Cape who continue to use digital platforms to continue religious and Torah learning services, which has aided our community and given them strength and a feeling of collectiveness at this time.

We’ve also asked our Premier and our mayor to look at other alternatives to prayer, for those who would like to take a moment of silence and reflection. We’ve asked them to use the noon gun in the Cape as a symbolic gesture and time for this moment of reflection.


Stuart Diamond
Executive Director

Mathilde Myburgh

As a Communications Specialist, Mathilde brings seven years of experience in print and digital media, research and communication to the team, bridging the gaps between relevant content, community reach and growth, and public relations.

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