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EC Sanctions Community Member Following Two Complaints About Petition

Dear Western Cape Community

Late last week, the Electoral Commission (EC) received two formal complaints concerning an alleged violation of the Electoral Code by a member of the community who initiated a petition surrounding a nominee on the public ballot.

The EC immediately summoned the person, who responded to the complaints within the requested time frame (on Monday evening).

The EC sanction, which was accepted by the Member concerned, required them:

1. To amend the petition and include an unqualified apology;
2. To extend the apology to the same emailing lists and WhatsApp lists, using the very same public platform and tools as when the campaign was launched; and
3. To amend the petition and remove all insinuations of any kind to an “us” and “them” narrative, including but not limited to removal of reference to an “orchestrated campaign”.

The EC has engaged with all parties involved in the complaints at all stages of the investigation.

The EC continues to ask that should anyone in the community feel they have a complaint, that they report this in writing with proof of the alleged election irregularity to Stuart Diamond, Electoral Operations Officer, at

Kind Regards,


Anton Katz | Doron Goldberg | Richard Friedman
Election Commission


Mathilde Myburgh

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