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Khoisan community preparing for prayer by Chief Autshumao Mackie.

Interfaith concert unites Cape Town in harmony

The Cape SAJBD hosted an Interfaith Concert at Temple Israel Green Point on Wednesday 5 February. The event was created in honour of the United Nations’ World Interfaith Harmony Week, having taken place 3-7 February.

Coordinated with great care by Gwynne Robins, the diversity in religious leadership and musical performances attracted an audience as varied. A theme of peace and harmony emerged as religious leaders shared their prayers, and the performances that followed were impeccably delivered and received in warmth. Cape SAJBD chairperson Rael Kaimowitz opened the event and City of Cape Town councillor Matthew Kempthorne delivered a message from the city. Director Stuart Diamond closed the evening with a word of thanks, saying how inspiring and important interfaith work is.

The Cape SAJBD thanks everyone in attendance, particularly the religious leaders and performers. Your generosity of spirit goes a far way in creating a unified community.

Photos and captions available on request.

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