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JCC Gives Stuart Diamond Chairperson’s Choice Award for Leadership

Jewish Care Cape Chairperson Philip Todres honoured our Executive Director, Stuart Diamond with the Chairperson’s Choice Award for Leadership at the JCC’s virtual Annual General Meeting on 26 October 2020.

“The seven welfare organisations under the Jewish Care Cape (JCC) salute him for his dynamic leadership at this time. Despite the pressure, he has always been available to offer professional or strategic advice. The Chairperson’s Award is an acknowledgment by all seven welfare organisations of Stuart Diamond’s contribution to the care, safety and wellbeing of our community now, and into the future. So Mazel Tov to you, Stuart, and this is a personal thing, you can see how highly I regard you that this is probably the first time that I haven’t referred to you as Lindy Diamond’s husband. It really has been a privilege to be together with you.” —Philip Todres, Jewish Care Cape Chairperson

See Philip Todres dedicating the award here:

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