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#VotesMatter Campaign

As the representative spokes body of the Western Cape Jewish community, Cape SAJBD will engage with Local Government to protect and advance the rights, status and welfare of the Western Cape Jewish community. It is not only the responsibility of communal organisations. As an individual, you can play a role as an active citizen!

Local Government Elections are your chance to be heard on the daily issues you grapple with, and directly decide who represents you at a local government level. We have created a Local Government Election Education Brochure to explain what local government is, how it functions, how to get involved with it and most importantly how to cast your vote on voting day! We are also running a #VotesMatter campaign on our social media channels with weekly polls and content, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

Being an active citizen and making a difference in society, requires we get involved in our community and democracy at all levels of government. Make sure you are registered to vote in your district by checking your registration status here.

#VotesMatter #UseYourVoice

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